Video Gives First Look At PS VR2 Eye Tracking Set Up

Eye tracking is easy to configure and very repsonsive to the movements of your eyes

PS VR2 eye tracking set up

CES 2023 gave attendees the chance to go hands-on with the PS VR2 for the first time. Reviews coming out after people’s first experience with Sony’s newest VR headset are very positive. But a video shot by Android Authority, who also went hands-on with PS VR2 shows a short clip of how PS VR2’s eye tracking setup will look like.

The video clip appears to show the eye tracking set-up for first-time use of the PS VR2. Eye Tracking set-up should be a one-time thing but obviously, if other people in your house are also using it, it will probably need to be set for each person.

The clip also shows the User Interface on the PS5 for the eye-tracking setup. And allows the PS VR2 user to adjust the lens distance so that their eyes are positioned in the middle of the lenses.

In the video, Android Authority says that the eye tracking was very easy to configure and was “very responsive to the slightest movement of your eyes.”

PS VR2 eye tracking will be used in conjunction with foveated rendering, which makes the part of the game you are looking at much clearer and more focused. However, eye tracking isn’t just used for foveated rendering and PS VR2 games developers have already implemented it in ingenious ways in their games.

PlayStation VR2 launches on February 22nd and can be pre-ordered from PlayStation Direct. Make sure to check out our guide to the PS VR2 launch games and launch games you can pre-order now.

Source: Android Authority via Reddit