Video Purports to Show PS5 Startup Sequence

Another PS5 “leak” does the rounds

PS5 UI startup sequence leak

The PS5 “leaks” are coming fast and furious. Which I suppose is to be expected since the console is a mere 6 or 7 weeks away from launch. Earlier we had a leak of an uncovered PS5, now, a new video posted to Reddit is claiming to show the PS5’s startup sequence.

PS5 UI Startup Leak (Video)
byu/wsb_BernieMadoff inPS5

The video, which on close inspection appears to be a screen recording of a video someone has posted to another site, supposedly shows the PS5’s startup sequence in action.

In the video, we can see someone apparently pressing the PS button on a black DualSesne controller. We hear the familiar startup beep as the screen displays the PlayStation logo. Then, the screen shows a bunch of swirling particles as it loads up the user select screen which s in Russian.

A still image from video was posted to Reddit earlier in the day but was deemed to be faked. The still image appeared to be a photoshop of the startup image seen during the PS5 Future of Gaming event (pictured below.)

PS5 UI startup

The video certainly does make this supposed PS5 UI leak seem a bit more legit, but you can never rule out some fancy video editing. Until Sony shows of the User Interface officially, take this with a hefty dose fo scepticism.

The black DualSense is a bit of mystery though. Black PS5 controllers have made the rounds before but they were either fan-made or obvious prototype models. Sony has never officially mentioned releasing a black DualSense to the public.