VR Survival Horror Organ Quarter Gets Surprise PS VR2 Release Today

Homage to 90s survival horror gets intimate with PS VR2 today

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When I wrote my upcoming PS5, PS VR2, and PS3 Games article yesterday, Organ Quarter was not among the PS VR2 games coming this week. The last press release, prior to today, just had the game coming in Spring 2023, with no concrete launch date.

Publisher AMATA K.K. and developer Outer BRain Studios have certainly ‘sprung’ this release on us. A new press release published this morning has announced that VR Survival Horror Organ Quarter is out on PS VR2 today. If you are desperate for some more of that survival horror goodness after playing Resident Evil FVillage on PS VR2 then Organ Quarter might just be up your alley.

An Homage to the Survival Horror of the 90s

Organ Quarter’s press release says it is an homage to the slow, methodical survival horror experiences of the 90s. The game focuses on what made survival horror great; labyrinth-like environments, resource management, and a good dose of well-balanced puzzles thrown in the mix for good measure. Explore the nightmare world and enjoy the most intimate horror experience yet.

If you want a little taste of what the story is about, then here is the official synopsis. And don’t forget to check out the PS VR2 launch trailer as well.

Uncover what has gripped and twisted the Organ Quarter. Over weeks and months of isolation in your apartment, something has happened to the city. It has become infected. Its places. Its people. Everything has become twisted by a disease that may or may not have a motive. Explore a city that has become a wasteland and body-horror nightmare, full of surreal puzzles and grotesque beings.

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Organ Quarter can be purchased on the PlayStation Store for £16.99.