Walkabout Mini Golf PS VR2 Trophy Guide

Fore the Platinum

With Walkabout Mini Golf now out on PS VR2 you may be wondering if getting the Platinum trophy is going to be easy or hard. If you look at the trophy stats you would think that the Platinum will come fairly easily and it might be for a lot of players. But personally, I think the Platinum trophy for Walkabout Mini Golf does require a bit of skill, course and hole knowledge, and a bit of luck.

Walkabout Mini Golf has a total of 20 trophies, including; 1 Platinum, 8 Gold, 5 Silver and 6 Bronze.

If you are aiming to unlock the coveted Platinum trophy in Walkabout Mini Golf then read on for our trophy guide.

Walk About Mini Golf Trophy Guide for PS VR2

Mighty Coconut (Platinum)
Unlock all trophies

The much sought-after Platinum trophies. You unlock this after unlocking every other trophy in the game.

Albatross (Gold)
Score 3 under par on a single hole

You’ll get this trophy when you get a score of 3 under par on a single hole. You’ll likely get this naturally as you play the different courses. It’s best to try to go for this trophy on a par 5 or higher hole.

Birdie Game (Gold)
Score -18 or better on any course

In my opinion, this is a very challenging trophy. To score 18 under par on a course requires a lot of skill and course knowledge. It’s probably best attempted on one of the easier courses like Tourist Trap. You can go into practice mode to practice the courses first to learn the best approaches to take for each hole.

Target Master (Gold)
Hit all the targets in the driving range

This is another tough trophy that requires you to hit all the targets in the driving range. You can move around the different tee-off positions to get this trophy and you don’t have to hit them all from the same position.

You can get to the driving range from the main menu area (where you choose a course) and look behind you for stairs that lead to the driving range.

You might get this trophy when going for the Iron Putter trophy.

Legend Status (Gold)
Complete 8 Hard courses with Par or better

This is another tough trophy. You basically have to beat 8 hard courses with a par or under-par score. This is best attempted on one of the easier hard courses and you will want to practice on the hard course before attempting this trophy.

Master Status (Gold)
Complete 6 Hard courses with Par or better

The same as Legend Status except you have to beat 6 hard courses with a par or better score.

Professional Status (Gold)
Complete 3 Hard courses with Par or better

The same as Legend Status and Master Status except you have to beat only 3 hard courses with a par or better score.

Semi-Pro Status (Gold)
Complete any Hard course with Par or better

The same as Legend Status, Master Status, and Professional Status except you only have to beat one course with a par or better score.

Amateur Status (Gold)
Unlock all base game hard courses

To unlock all the base game hard courses you have to achieve a par or better score on all the base game courses to unlock the hard version of the course. There are 8 base game courses.

Novice Status (Silver)
Unlock any base game hard course

This trophy requires you to unlock one base game hard course by getting a par or better score on any of the base game courses shown above.

Ace (Silver)
Get 3 holes in ones

This requires you to get 3 holes in one. This can be done on any course and on any difficulty. The first hole on Tourist Trap (easy( is a medium-length straight putt where you will likely get your fist hole in one. This trophy will come naturally as you play the game so don’t worry about it too much.

Eagle (Silver)
Score 2 under par on a single hole

For this trophy, you just have to score 2 under par on a hole. This will come naturally as you play the game.

Under Par (Silver)
Complete a course under par

For this trophy, you have to complete a course with an under-par score (-1 or better). As you play the game and learn the courses and holes this will come naturally.

Iron Putter (Silver)
Score 1000 points on a driving range challenge

This is another tough trophy, at least I think so anyway. You have to score at least 1000 points in a driving range challenge. There are two challenges in the driving range; a timed challenge and a 10-ball challenge. For each challenge, you need to hit as many targets as possible to score points. It is a pretty tough trophy but you will likely unlock it after a while.

Also, see the Target Master trophy.

Missing Link (Bronze)
Unlock a new putter

To unlock a new putter you have to complete what the game developer calls a Foxhunt. Foxhunts are essentially treasure hunts or scavenger hunts. These take place on the hard version of the courses and you have to find clues that then lead you to more clues. Solving the Foxhunt gets you a new putter.

I have a guide for completing the Tourist Trap Foxhunt here.

Executive Course (Bronze)
Complete any front or back 9 course

Walkabout Mini golf course select - front 9

This trophy is pretty easy and you just need to complete any front 9 or back 9 holes of any course to unlock it.

Snowman (Bronze)
Finish a hole with 8 strokes

As the trophy description states, you just have to finish a hole with 8 strokes. This is a triple bogey on a par 5 hole. So just intentionally miss those putts,

Mulligan (Bronze)
Undo a shot in practice mode

Walkabout Mini Golf course select practice round

To unlock this trophy just go to practice mode for any course then take a shot and pull the left or right stick back to undo the shot.

Fore! (Bronze)
Hit the ball out of bounds

You’ll get this trophy naturally as you play but you can get it intentionally by whacking the ball out of bounds on pretty much any hole.

First of Many (Bronze)
Complete any hole

Just complete any hole on any course in Walkabout Mini Golf to unlock this trophy. Easy.