Watch Dogs Legion: Coming Home Mission – Cottage Relics Guide

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Watch Dogs Legion Coming Home mission Cottage Relics guide

The second part of the Wat Dogs Legion Missions ‘Coming Home’ tasks you with accessing Skye Larson’s Secret Cottage. You access the Secret Cottage once you have gained access to Skye Larson’s House. You then head down an elevator to a recreation of a cottage and an outside garden area.

There are a few Relics you can collect in the Secret Cottage that count towards the Magpie trophy (collect 15 Relics.)

Watch Dogs Legion Coming Home Mission – Cottage Relics & Collectibles

There are ten Relics/Collectibles and a couple of other things you can interact with, in the Secret Cottage, so let’s get started.

1 – Relic – Hospital Wristband

After exiting the elevator from the main house, head to the gazebo in the garden to pick up the Hospital Wristband. This will start an AR data reconstruction sequence.

Watch Dogs Legion Coming Home Cottage collectibles and relics guide - Hospital Wristband

2 – Interactive – Dog Grave

Just outside the front of the cottage is a Dog grave you can interact with to start a short dialogue with Bagley.

Dog Grave

3 – Relic – Cracked Trophy

Once you enter the cottage and watch the AR reconstruction, head over to the mantlepiece on the right to collect the Cracked Trophy relic.

Cracked Trophy relic

4 – Relic – Child’s Drawing

From the previous relic head into the kitchen and collect the Child’s Drawing relic from the door of the fridge in the right corner.

Child's Drawing relic

5 – Relic – Dog Collar

From the kitchen, head through to the garage and turn right. At the rear you will see a glass tank which has a spider bot inside it. To the right of the tank you can pick up the Dog Collar relic.

Dog Collar relic

6 – Interactive – Turn off power to the tank

Inside the above melded with the mind of the poor dog Ada (from the Dog grave.) To the left of the tank is a switch you can interact with to the put the poor spider bot/dog thing out of its misery.

Tank power switch interactive

7 & 8 – Relics – Photograph of Skye & Sinead, Handwritten Note

After the previous relic, head back through to the living room and head upstairs. Enter the first room at the top of the stairs and pick up the Photograph of Skye & Sinead relic which is on a shelf on the left under a window.

Photograph of Skye and Sinead Relic

Still in the same room, walk forward towards the back wall and pick up the Handwritten Note relic on the wall, next to a desk with some monitors.

Handwritten Note relic

9 – Relic – Case of Sedatives

Exit the previous room and enter the room at the end of the hallway. (the middle door is locked for now, but we’ll access that later.) Once inside the end room, head past the bed and the AR reconstruction with Skye and her mother and pick up the Case of Sedatives relic sitting on a plastic storage container.

Case of Sedatives relic

10 & 11 – Relics – Get Well Card, Tablet

Head back downstairs and access the locked door to the basement. head down some more stairs and you will see 4 cryogenic pods that you can hack for some text files. Head over to the table on the right to pick up the Get Well Card relic.

Get Well Card relic

Now head to the other side of the basement where an AR reconstruction will start. Next to the AR reconstruction, you will find the Tablet relic sitting on top of some cabinets.

Tablet relic

That is all the relics in the basement, now you just have to talk to the House AI to complete the mission objective. You can now head back upstairs to the room we couldn’t access before.

12 – Relic – Photograph of Skye and ???

Enter the middle room and at the back of the room, you will find the Photograph of Skye and ??? relic.

Photograph of Skye and ??? relic

And that is all the relics you can find in Skye Larson’s secret cottage in the Coming Home mission. Watch Dogs Legion is out now for PS4 and is out today for PS5.