Watch Dogs Legion: Skye Larsen Home Puzzle Solution

Access Skye Larson’s home in the Coming Home mission

Watch Dogs Legion is the latest game in the Watch Dogs series form Ubisoft. Throughout the game, there are numerous puzzles that you have to solve. Some of these puzzles are Network Bypass puzzles, which you have to solve by rotating connectors to complete the network. This guide shows you the solution to the Skye Larson home Network Bypass puzzle in the mission Coming Home.

In the mission Coming Home, you will eventually have to access Skye Larson’s Home. In order to access her home, you need to solve a Network Bypass puzzle which is located on the side of her house.

I will admit, I struggled with this one and it took me a while to solve it. I’ve posted the video below in case you want to see it. If not, a screenshot of the final solution is also posted below.

Before you start the puzzle, you can enter the grounds of the house through the neighbouring house’s gate then jump over the wall. There is also a gate on the right side of the house. The security barrier thing at the front gate can be deactivated by hacking the panel next to it.

It is easier to be standing in the street/road to the right of the house. It gives you a better view of the puzzle which is on the right-hand side wall of the house. There is also a drone flying overhead here, you can hijack that and use it to rotate the connectors, this makes it a bit easier as you don’t have to move the camera as much.

Skye Larson’s Home Puzzle Solution

Here is the screenshot fo the final solution for the Network Bypass puzzle at Skye Larson’s house in the mission Coming Home.

Watch Dogs Legion access Skye Larson's Home puzzle solution - Coming Home mission

Hopefully, this will help you solve the access Skye Larson’s Home puzzle in the Coming Home mission. Once you have your connectors looking like the above screenshot, go to the front door of the house to unlock the final connection and you can enter Skye Larson’s home.