Welcome to Empyreum a PS4, PS5 Co-Op Party Game Gets New Trailer

Local co-op shenanigans coming to PS4, PS5

Weclome to Empyreum PS4, PS5 party game gets new trailers

We all love co-op party games. Chilling on the couch with your friends, drinking a few beers, a bit of friendly banter all while trying to stay compos mentis to beat your pals at whatever game you’re playing. If that scenario is in your wheelhouse then you’ll probably love Tapioca Games’ Welcome to Empyreum – coming to PS4 and PS5.

The developer from sunny Spain is creating their 4 players local co-op party game in collaboration with PlayStation Talents. Today, Tapioca Games has released a new trailer for their colourful and crazy co-op game. Check it out below.

This brand new trailer shows off some of the fun and friendly four-player frolics you’ll be experiencing in Welcome to Empyreum. The gameplay of Welcome to Empyreum sounds simple enough. You and up to 3 buddies have to clean and tidy the different floors of a hotel, the Empyreum Hotel. You’ll have to complete daily chores like making the bed or vacuuming the floor.

Perhaps playing as a hotel cleaner doesn’t sound too interesting. But the gameplay gets cranked up a few notches and will introduce crazier gameplay mechanics.

Welcome to Empyreum is coming to PS4 and PS5

Things like caring for alien babies, taking on the role of a ghostbuster and scaring away ghosts, fumigating carnivorous plants or even feeding jelly to gummy bears. The better your team’s coordination and communication is the cleaner the rooms will be. And clean rooms means happy guests.

At the end of each floor, you are your friends will face a VIP guest as a final boss.

Welcome to Imperium, which is coming to PS4 and PS5 looks like it will be a lot of fun. The game has an isometric view and the graphics look nice and colourful.

Welcome to the Empyreum Hotel

Welcome to Empyreum stars four titillating characters, who you and your buddies will be controlling. There’s Tommy, a narcissist influencer, Miriam, a desperate mom, Elizabeth, a lucky girl and Apolo, a pressed musician.

Welcome to Empyreum screenshot

The quartet of characters arrives at the Empyreum Hotel, a haunted place that takes what they value the most. To get whatever it is back, the foursome must work there and work together, completing chores floor by floor until they reach the office of the hotel Manager, Beatriz.

According to the press blurb, Welcome to Empyreum brings the best from party games to a unique setting for the genre; a very special hotel where the craziest fo stuff happens.

Welcome to Empyreum doesn’t have a concrete release date but it will be on PS4 and PS5 when it finally drops. You can stay up top date with the game by following the official Twitter account or by keeping tabs on the games website.