Some things I really hope are in Destiny 2

With the release of Destiny 2 only a few months away, here are some features which I hope will be in the game at launch.

Destiny 2

With the release of the highly anticipated and no doubt soon to be hyped like no other game has ever been hyped release of Destiny 2 only a few months away, it’s fair to say that the features which have already been included in the game will be the ones which the game will launch with.

Bungie and the rest of the developers who are working on Destiny 2 will most likely just be fine tuning some things and hunting down bugs and no other major features, mechanics or gameplay elements will be included until maybe the first DLC.

With that said, here are some things that I really HOPE are in Destiny 2 when it launches.

A big open world

Going by what we’ve heard about Destiny 2 so far, it seems that we may travel to more than one place within the game, however I am hoping that whatever the main area may be (Saturn, possibly?) that Bungie have designed it as a fairly big, proper open world.

One of the most annoying things about Destiny for me was all the invisible walls, death barriers and turn back areas. You couldn’t stray to far from the playable area nor could you climb over a cliff or rocks to get to another part of the map.

I am hoping that Bungie make the game areas feel more open world and not just like you are going round in a big circle to get from one end of the map to the other.

Fully explorable areas, with cool stuff to find

If Destiny 2 is going to be more open world, then there needs to be a ton of explorable areas with cool stuff to find, whether it be secrets or Easter Eggs or things you can use in game, the world should make us want to explore every inch of it.

There should also be much more verticallality, like tall building or mountains you can climb and explore.

More MMO type stuff to do when you are patrolling the world

Raids in Destiny are really, really fun but Destiny 2 needs to have more stuff to do when you are out patrolling or exploring the world.

I have recently started playing Elder Scrolls Online, and although I am not that far into it, from what I can gather you can team up with other players and go to dungeons and things like that.

I am hoping Destiny 2 will have more of this MMO type stuff. Imagine your on patrol on a moon of Saturn and you could just in with another group of randoms and go and do a strike or a dungeon type thing.

In game leaderboards and stats for PvE and PvP

I was always a bit confused as to why Destiny never had any in game leaderboards or stats you could look up. If Destiny 2’s PvP is going to be like anything in Destiny 1, and for all accounts it could be promoted as being even more competative, with eSports leagues, etc then the game really needs in game leaderboards and stats, like most other FPS multiplayer games have.

I a hoping that Bungie has had the forethought to add these features into the game. I would love to be able to check out my PvE and PvP stats like K/D, wins, losses, etc without having to open up an app on my phone or go to a third party website.

Interactive NPC’s

The NPC’s in Destiny where a bit boring, along with the open world there should be NPC’s that you can find in the world and talk to, similar to fallout 4 or Horizon Zero Dawn.

Instead of just travelling to an NPC and getting a quest, there should be numerous conversation choices, like asking for more information on a quest before deciding to do it, or asking if the NPC knows some information about such and such.

You should be able to have conversations with them and interact more.

Bigger weapon variety

I am hoping there will be more weapon variety in Destiny 2. Sure Destiny 1 had hundreds of weapons but there was only a limited number of archetypes, perks and stats, this, I think, made a lot of the weapons feel the same as other weapons,

There was also too much re-skinning in Destiny 1, Destiny 2 needs to have a much larger variety of weapons which look, feel and play a whole lot different.

And I am hoping you will get to actually pick up enemy weapons and use them.

Well, thats all the things I can think of for now. I am sure Destiny 2 will be amazing.