What Inside Xbox Reveal Games are coming to PlayStation?

Which games are coming to PlayStation and will they be on PS5 and PS4.

What inside Xbox reveal games are coming to PlayStation?

So the Inside Xbox  – Xbox Series X game reveal happened yesterday. There were some pretty decent looking games shown, some of them weren’t my cup of tea but some of them did get me pretty excited for Next-Gen. A lot of these games I honestly had never heard of before, so I wanted to find out which of these games might be coming to PlayStation platforms, specifically which games would be coming to PS5.

I’ve done some research and listed the games revealed below and whether they are coming to PlayStation, either PS4, PS5 or both.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The next game in the Assassin’s Creed Franchise is definitely coming to PS4 and PS5. The game was revealed not so long ago and some new footage was shown at the Inside Xbox reveal event. Although it was billed as gameplay footage it looked more like cinematic footage than proper gameplay. Still excited for it though.

Is it coming to PlayStation? Yes

Bright Memory Infinite: I think this was the first game shown and it was actual gameplay. Bright Memory Infinite actually made me say “Holy shit, that looks fun”, it had first-person shooting, what looked like FPS sword combat and driving, some of my favourite things to be in video games. The game is developed by FYQD Studio a Chinese developer. I can’t find any official information on whether Bright Memory Infinite will be coming to PS4 or PS5 but PlayStation Universe seems to think that it will be coming to PS5 with a  PS4 version not known and Wikipedia states that it is planning to release on PS4 with no mention of a PS5 release so it is unclear which PlayStation platform this will release on, I would imagine it will release on either current-gen or next-gen or just on PS5. WIll be looking forward to this one.

Is it coming to PlayStation?: Yes

Call of the Sea: A very nice looking adventure game in a  Lovecraft style. I can’t find any information on whether this will be coming to current or next-gen PlayStation consoles.

Is it coming to PlayStation?: Unsure

Chorus: A dark space-combat shooter from Deep Silver. According to the official press-release, Chorus will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in 2021. The game looks pretty damn good.

Is it coming to PlayStation?: Yes

Dirt 5: From Codemasters, a name synonymous with racing games, this will definitely be coming to PS4 as well as current-gen consoles according to the official website. Looks like Dirt 5 is likely to be a PS5 launch title.

Is it coming to PlayStation?: Yes

Madden NFL 21: An American Football game from Electronic Arts, not my cup of tea but you bet your bottom dollar this will be on PS4 and PS5.

Is it coming to PlayStation?: Yes

Scarlet Nexus: A Japanese looking action-adventure game from Bandai Namco. There is no mention of a PS4 or PS5 release anywhere and the official website only shows Xbox logos so this could be an Xbox exclusive or another timed exclusivity job again.

Update: A Press Release on Business Wire mentions that Scarlet Nexus will be coming to PS5 and PS4, the official website still only shows Xbox logos though, but looks like the game will be coming to PlayStation platforms.

Is it coming to PlayStation?: Yes

Scorn: A first-person horror game from independent studio Ebb Software. The official press release states that this will be an Xbox/Xbox series X exclusive but also states it will an exclusive “at launch”, so whether this means a PS5 version could come later is not clear at this time.

Is it coming to PlayStation?: Probably not.

Second Extinction: A 3 player co-op shooter in which you have to kill mutated dinosaurs. Engadget described it as Destiny with Dinosaurs so seems interesting. Unfortunately, no information is available on whether Second Extinction will be released for either PS5 or PS4 so could be an Xbox exclusive.

Is it coming to PlayStation?: No

The Ascent: A solo and co-op action RPG set in a Cyberpunk world. Looks like an isometric twin-stick shooter number. Sounds like this is an Xbox series X exclusive so probably won’t be coming to PS5.

Is it coming to PlayStation?: No

The Medium: A next-gen psychological horror came from a company called Bloober Team. The official website only lists PC and Xbox, so probably won’t be coming to PS5.

Is it coming to PlayStation?: No

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2: A Vampire RPG set in Seattle. The official website states coming to PC & Consoles and the PS4 logo is shown. No specific mention of a PS5 version that I can see but a PS5 version would be likely.

Is it coming to PlayStation?: Yes

Yakuza: Like a Dragon: The newest game in the Yakuza series by Sega. It will be an Xbox series X launch title and is also coming to PS4 as it recently got a PS4 themed English trailer. No mention of a PS5 version yet though.

Is it coming to PlayStation?: Yes

And that is all 13 games shown at the Inside Xbox reveal event.  Out of those 13 eight are definitely coming to PlayStation consoles and some confirmed for a PS5 release.

A pretty decent line up of games to look forward to for later this year and into next year for the PS5 and PS4. The games I am personally interested in are Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Bright Memory Infinite and Chorus.

We have yet to see an official PlayStation reveal similar to the Xbox one, so no doubt there will be a load of new games to get hot under the collar about.