What is PlayStation Stars?

A new loyalty program for PlayStation fans where you can earn redeemable points and other rewards

PlayStation Stars logo

Announced back in July, PlayStation Stars is essentially a brand new loyalty program that celebrates PlayStation Players. Basically, once you sign up for PlayStation Stars, which will be free to join, you will be able to earn points and rewards for doing certain things.

These things will include completing various “campaigns” and activities. Campaigns will be things like a “Monthly check-in” campaign where you just have to log into PSN and play a game to receive a reward. Other campaigns will require players to win tournaments (I presume multiplayer tournaments), earn specific trophies or be the first person to achieve the Platinum trophy on a major game in your time zone.

Loyalty Points

PlayStation members will be able to earn loyalty points. It isn’t clear exactly how you earn loyalty points but Sony has said that PlayStation Plus members enrolled in the PlayStation Stars program will automatically earn points by making purchases on the PlayStation Store. As of writing, it is not clear if you can earn these loyalty points in other, free ways. But I would presume that completing the above-mentioned campaigns would also net you loyalty points.

Loyalty points will be able to redeem in a catalogue that may include PSN wallet funds (the operative word being “may”) and other PlayStation Store products.

Sony hasn’t divulged yet how many points can be earned from completing certain things or how many points will be needed to redeem things like PSN wallet funds or whatever else can be redeemed.

Digital Collectibles

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Another thing that will be included with the new PlayStation Stars loyalty program is digital collectibles. Just last week during the State of Play Grace Chen, VP of Advertising & Loyalty gave us a quick look at what some of the digital collectibles will look like. Check out the video above to see them.

Digital collectibles are digital representations of things that PlayStation fans enjoy. And will include things like figurines of iconic gaming characters and characters from other forms of entertainment. The digital collectibles will also include digital versions of “cherished” Sony devices, such as the PlayStation 3 – which can be seen in the above video.

The digital collectibles have apparently been made just for the PlayStation Stars program but they do look a bit like the 3d collectibles you could collect in Astro’s Playroom.

The PS3 collectible from Astro's Playroom
The PS3 collectible from Astro’s Playroom

The digital collectibles will vary in rarity and some will probably be pretty hard or a massive grind to ear. But once you have earned the collectibles you can then arrange them in a virtual display case within the PlayStation App. You will also have the option of letting your friends see them on your PSN profile too.

The PlayStation Stars loyalty program will start rolling out later this month with Asian territories being the first to get it. Followed by the US and Europe. As with the new PlayStation Plus rollout, expect the UK and Europe to be the last to the party.