Why have I not played The Witcher 3 sooner

I am really enjoying The Witcher 3, why have I not played this game sooner.

I got The Witcher 3: Wildhunt Game of the year edition back in early January when it was on sale at Amazon for about £25. But up until a couple of days ago I had only played through the tutorial, I had never actually dived into the main game.

I kept putting off playing The Witcher because I was playing Destiny at the time, the Horizon Zero Dawn came out and I was playing that.

It was actually when reading some posts on the Horizon Zero Dawn Reddit page that I saw some HZD fans saying The Witcher 3 was very siimilar to Horizon. I thought, I really like Horizon Zero Dawn so surely I must also like The Witcher?

But, alas I still put off playing it to focus on other games, that was, until about two days ago when I was bored, and I thought, what the hell lets give The Witcher a shot and am I glad that I did.

The Witcher 3 screenshot
The Witcher 3 is stunning

I am only a few hours into The Witcher, I have done of few quests but I still have the Lillac and Gooseberries quest to complete. The game is pretty amazing to say the least, it is definatley deserving of all the positive reviews I have read.

The world is finely crafted and is utterly stunning. The game is fairly easy to get into if you are like me and usually stay away from big RPG games because I think they are too complex or boring with all the crafting and questing and stuff but I am finding The Witcher 3 to be rather pleasant for an RPG noob like myself.

The only gripe I have so far is that after I had battled some enemies using my sword, I got a message on the screen that said something along the lines of “your sword is damaged you need to repair it”

I thought I could go into the inventory and repair it from there but it was not that simple, after a quick Google search, it seems you have to go to a blacksmith and have them repair it, or find some sort of repair kit in the world. I felt soemthing like that should have been a bit more clearer.

I am absolutely enjoying The Witcher 3, from what I have read it is a really, really big game and as I have the Game of the year edition I also have the expansions to play.

Looks like I have found the game to keep me going until Destiny 2 is release.