Wonder Boy Collection Brings Back The Cult Series to PS4 on June 3rd

Wonder Boy Collection brings four classic Wonder Boyu games to PS4 in one neat collection

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Wonder Boy is getting a new lease on life shortly as publisher ININ Games is bringing the cult series to PS4 on June 3rd. The Wonder Boy Collection will see four of the series’ best games come to PS4 in one neat little collection.

Here’s the official info on the collection from the publisher:

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the adventures of Wonder Boy have delighted gamers of all generations and built up a huge following all over the world with their dazzling blend of energetic platforming and action-RPG. However, the Wonder Boy games have seen few releases in the West on modern gaming hardware – until now.

To celebrate the legacy of this iconic game series, the Wonder Boy Collection will contain a carefully curated set of essential titles of the legendary series, precisely ported to today’s home consoles and including extended features like filter, shader, a rewind and fast forward option and a save anytime option! On top of that, the collection will come with a beautiful art gallery!

With the the Wonder Boy Collection, Wonder Boy fans get a total of four games of one of the most influential series from gaming’s past.

The games in the collection are:

Wonder Boy Collection will be available in both digital and physical formats and you can find the PS4 boxed game on Amazon UK.

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The Wonder Boy Collection is out on June 3rd 2022 on PS4.