You Can Currently Get 5 Easy, Quick Platinum Games For £1.68 On PlayStation Store

We all need to save some money in these trying times

PlayStation platinum trophy icon

If you are partial to partaking in some Trophy hunting on PlayStation, you have likely played some pretty easy Platinum trophy games. But adding to your PlayStation Trophy cabinet can be pretty expensive, even with the easy games costing around £3.99. Buy ten of those and that’s £40 you could have put towards the next PS5 exclusive.

Yes, in these trying times where prices of energy, food, petrol and just about everything else have gone through the roof, we must hunt down those bargains. So if you like to play quick and easy games to boost your trophy count but don’t want to spend a fortune then read on.

5 Games for £1.68 and one of them was only 10p

screenshot fo 10 pence game on PlayStation Store
Spectrewoods is just 10 pence on the PlayStation Store

Yes, you read that right. There is a game on PlayStation Store for only 10 pence. When was the last time you practically bought ANYTHING for ten pence? Even 10p bags of crisps are like 20p now. Probably the most amazing thing about this Spectrewoods game for PS4 is that it was actually reduced to 10p from 20p. There’s a saving right there.

In total, I bought give games costing a grand total of £1.68. That’s five Platinum trophies for less than a two-litre carton of Cravendale milk.

screenshot of reciept from PlayStation store for 5 games for £`1.68

Here are the five games I bought with links to their PlayStation Store page and their individual prices.

Total: £1.68

I have no idea what these games are like and let’s be honest, they are probably total garbage. But five quick and easy platinum games for £1.68 is too good an offer to refuse.

There is even more quick, easy and cheap Platinum trophy games on sale

If the five games mentioned above don’t take your fancy in your quest for multiple Platinum trophies then there are plenty of others available.

You can go to and search and filter quick Platinum trophy games for the cheapest price. You can search for games that take less than one hour to platinum and sort by price. Or search for currently on sale games and sort by time to platinum.

So if you are a trophy hunter looking to save some money, get yourself over to the PlayStation Store and get some cheap and easy Platinum trophies. You can get quite a few for less than you would pay for a Starbucks coffee.