You Can Now Order Your PS5 PlayStaton Camera Adaptor

Get your free adaptor so you can use PSVR on your PS5

You can now request your free playstation camera adaptor for PS5

A while back when Sony detailed the PS5 accessories, they said that an adaptor would be required to connect the PS4 camera to the PS5. The adaptor is primarily if you want to use your PSVR headset with your new PS5 console.

Sony has now set up a webpage where you can request the adaptor, free of charge and it will be delivered to you.

If you want to use your PSVR headset with the PS5, you will need the adaptor as the PS5’s HD camera won’t work with PlayStation VR.

Just go to pass the CAPTCHA verification. (if you are a robot, you might want to get a human for this) then input your PSVR serial number.

You can find your PSVR serial number on the back of the PSVR processor unit (the little black box with all the wires coming from it.)

Location of PSVR serial no. on back of processor unit
Location of PSVR serial no. on back of the processor unit

Unless you have superhuman hawk-like eyesight, I suggest taking a photo of the back of the processor unit. The serial number is very hard to read, especially when you are as blind as a bat, like me.

Ince you have typed in your PSVR serial number, you will then be taken to the next page to type in your email and home address.

If everything goes well, you should see the thank you message below.

PS5 PlayStaton camera adaptor thank you message

If you experience any problems with any part of the process, just keep trying. Earlier in the day, the page was a wee bit broken and it kept putting me back to the CAPTCHA verification page. It took me about twenty tries to get to the serial number page. It does look like Sony has ironed out the problems though.