10 Seconds to Win!(2024)

eastasiasoft, Vergiu Games
10 seconds to win ps5 cover


Take the role of an agile little blonde hero as he leaps and dashes his way to glory in 10 Seconds to Win! This is a precision platformer where you only have 10 seconds to complete each single-screen challenge. Run, jump and air dash to avoid spikes, spinning saw blades and more as you try to reach a trophy cup on the far side of the stage.

Can you master all 100 levels with increasing difficulty in time?

  • Master 100 platforming stages of gradually increasing difficulty!
  • Avoid spike traps, pitfalls, spinning sawblades and more.
  • Race against the clock and reach the goal within 10 seconds!
  • Experience tight controls for precision jumps and movement.
  • Respawn instantly and retry levels as many times as it takes!

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March 6, 2024

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