About PlayStation Fanatic

PlayStation Fanatic (psfanatic.com) is a PlayStation fansite and blog with news, guides and opinion on PS4, PS5 and PSVR.

I am not a writer or games journalist by any means, just someone who enjoys playing games on the PlayStation platform. So, at times, the reading might be a bit rough. But, hopefully, you might find some of the articles informative or maybe even a bit funny.

Games Database

PlayStation Fanatic also has a games database. It’s relatively small but it’s not meant to be a complete list of every game, more of a hand-picked selection of games that sound interesting.

Affiliate Link Policy

I sometimes include affiliate links within articles, usually to sites like Amazon. On occasion, I might end up earning a very small commission if you buy something after clicking the link (Thanks if you do.) I don’t give any preferential treatment or bias to any games or accessories that I link to with an affiliate link.