Ancient Dungeon VR(2023)

Eric Thullen
Ancient Dungeon VR PS5 cover


Ancient Dungeon VR is a rogue-lite dungeon crawler with randomly generated dungeons. Uncover its secrets and challenge powerful bosses.

Grab your gear and delve into the dungeons of this rogue-lite dungeon crawler. The Ancient Dungeon is known throughout the land; as a place of malice and danger to all but a few brave souls. These men and women – adventurers, explorers, even scholars – enter the dungeon in pursuit of legendary fortunes and objects of immense power, all believing themselves more capable than those who have gone before…but few return.

You would follow them? So be it, but take care: the dungeon will twist and shift behind as you pass, confounding any escape. To survive, you must find a way through, for there is no way back.

Game Info

Release Dates

December 8, 2023

Play Modes
VR Mode
PS VR2 Game