Bartender VR Simulator(2024)

VR Factory
Bartender VR Simulator PS5 cover


Bartender VR Simulator is a bartending simulation game developed by VR Factory where you master the art of Bartending. The game is the PSVR2/PS5 version of the original PS4/PSVR game.

preparation techniques and ingredients players will see in the game. Each bar offers more complex drinks recipes that players must master along with three techniques, building, stirring and shaking like professional bartenders. Along with their techniques, players must choose the correct glasses, drink proportions and sequences to be rewarded. To ensure accuracy in the game, Tomasz Małek’s equipment recommendations were scanned using special 3D scanners and placed in the game world for the best representation of tools. As a result, players will feel like running their bar in no time, learning and applying all the professional tricks.

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February 8, 2024

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