Barton Lynch Pro Surfing(2023)

Bungarra Software


Barton Lynch Pro Surfing is a sports game that pits you against the world’s best surfers at the most exotic locations on the planet. The expansive world tour features an in-depth leaderboard and sports commentary, or if you prefer to free surf, just cruise the massive locations instead. Cutting-edge graphics meets hardcore physics & beautifully brutal waves.

Pump control uses the wave’s power so you can surf faster and unlock more moves. More speed = more moves! Pump, smash that lip, get so barrelled and launch airs from waves that barrel, peak, break left, right, or just foam crumble. Customize your own character to within an inch of your life, or, play as some of today’s top pros including Yago Dora, Clay Marzo, Nathan Florence, Soli Bailey, Mahina Maeda, Vahine Fierro, Felicity Palmateer, and of course the legendary world champion, coach and Pro Surfing commentator Barton Lynch.

Game Info

Release Dates

November 17, 2023

November 24, 2023 (Physical)

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