Broken Edge(2023)

Broken Edge PS5 cover


Broken Edge is a Virtual Reality sword duelling game developed by TREBUCHET and published by Fast Travel Games.

In Broken Edge, players embody one of nine fighters and challenge opponents to thrilling duels in eye-popping, dream-like landscapes. Players can utilize diverse melee weapons, distinctive martial art playstyles and state-of-the-art fencing mechanics to beat the opposition. Those who conquer their adversaries and emerge victorious will earn a coveted place on the worldwide leaderboard.

“With the power and unique features of Sony’s PlayStation VR2, this enhanced version of Broken Edge will offer even more fluid and visceral sword fighting,” said Guillaume Perreault Roy, Game Director at TREBUCHET. “With PS VR2’s adaptive triggers, you’ll notice the tension as you unsheathe your blade, and with its haptic feedback, you’ll feel the impact of clashing steel. Coupled with its distinctively vibrant landscapes, Broken Edge on PS VR2 is a captivating virtual reality experience fit for apprentices and seasoned swordsmen alike.”

Game Info

Release Dates

September 19, 2023

Play Modes
VR Mode
PS VR2 Game