Cat and Ghostly Road(2024)

Cat and Ghostly Road PS5 cover


Cat and Ghostly Road is an atmospheric interactive point-and-click adventure developed by BOV and published by Sometimes You.

Cat and Ghostly Road is quest driven and you will interact with a large number of characters through dialogues and by using items from the inventory. There are quite a few diverse characters and among the key characters, it’s important to mention the cat-girl, where you will gain a new and interesting mechanic.The main goal is to free the soul of the cat’s human friend from the demon’s captivity. You need to solve numerous tasks along the way: help a carp, find the dead flower, locate a skull for a ghost, drive away rats from an old ship, retrieve a phoenix feather. There are many varied tasks, and the cat/you will need cunning and special abilities, which are gradually acquired throughout the journey.

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March 6, 2024

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