Dark Light(2024)

Mirari & Co
Dark Light PS5 cover


Dark Light is a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk action-platformer with intense hack’n slash combat. Explore the unknown, enhance your abilities with cyberware, and face off against supernatural entities to seal the Dark Void and end the eternal darkness.

In the aftermath of the apocalypse, the world is shrouded in an impenetrable darkness, a realm now home to creatures birthed from the Dark Void. As the last of the Dark Hunters, an elite cadre of human warriors, you are entrusted with a daunting task: to seal the Dark Void and rescue humanity from an impending doom.

Venture into the heart of this darkness, into the mysterious and perilous zones now claimed by the night. Augment your abilities with cyberwares, face the supernatural entities that lurk in the shadows, and engage in brutal combat against hordes of ferocious creatures. Collect their energy shards, join a faction, unlock skills, and face epic bosses in your relentless pursuit to halt the cycle of eternal darkness.

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January 30, 2024

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