Dungeons 4(2023)

Realmforge Studios
Dungeons 4 PS5 cover


In Dungeons 4, the Absolute Evil’s quest is not yet complete and with Thalya the dark elf sorcerer still by his side, it’s time to continue spreading chaos and destruction – this time with Dwarves. In this impending new addition to the popular dungeon management series, players can control even more despicable creatures in even larger dungeons.

Raise a devious army of orcs, succubae, zombies and other cruel creatures, all ready to cast corruption across the overworld. Then set your Snots to work on creating your very own sprawling underground dungeon network – just be prepared to compete with the invading Dwarves who have arrived to claim their share of space and supplies. Take on the 20-mission-long, fully narrated campaign, or use two-player co-op multiplayer to double the destruction and manage your dungeon with a fellow evil friend. Did we mention the Dwarves?

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November 9, 2023

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