Gangs of Sherwood (2023)

Gangs of Sherwood Overview

In Gangs of Sherwood, players must challenge many different types of enemies: light units, ranged units, mini-bosses and, of course, the main bosses, which are easy to spot, as each has a dedicated arena. Individually, some of them are no problem for the heroes, but they may prove to be a greater challenge when present in number.

Furthermore, the enemies also have different roles: some may, for example, confer bonuses on their allies if not quickly disposed of, while others may charge the player to interrupt attack combos. The different types of enemies also look different; this is particularly true for some bosses, clad in attire incorporating the features of animals, such as lions, as was common for English crests during the Middle Ages. Finally, each enemy has unique attributes that require players to adopt specific strategies if they are to emerge victorious. The Shield Puncher, for example, has a giant, indestructible shield, so players have to attack from the rear to overcome him.  

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November 30, 2023