Little Cities: Bigger!(2024)

Purple Yonder
Little Cities Bigger PS5 cover


Little Cities: Bigger! is a virtual reality City Creator/builder game developed by UK indie developer Purple Yonder.

Little Cities: Bigger! harnesses the unique power of the PS VR2 to really ramp up the relaxation with an enhanced frame rate, charming visuals in stunning 4K, increased immersion with haptic feedback and even eye-tracking shenanigans. Bring on the itty-bitty bustle!

Featuring over 18 months’ worth of content from the Meta Quest version of the game, Little Cities: Bigger! offers something for every type of creator – from a vibrant, multi-island campaign of uniquely rewarding creative challenges, to the endless cosy creativity of Sandbox Mode where players can craft, draw, and finesse their dream islands from scratch.

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March 12, 2024

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VR Mode
PS VR2 Game