NHL 24(2023)

EA Vancouver


NHL 24 is the latest game in the Ice Hockey game series developed by EA Vancouver and published by Electronic Arts.

A complete revamp of the Chel gameplay experience that rewards extended offensive events and attack zone time, adding a dynamic new layer of authenticity and excitement to the game. Overhauled physics and animations revolutionize physical contact and deliver realistic body checks like never before. New rag-doll and animation-based reactions create big moments at any point in the game. A complete refresh of the control setup makes using highlight-reel moves more intuitive and accessible. Plus, we’ve added a new ability to fake, pass, or deke out of every move, opening up a whole new level of creativity and strategy for players. A re-mapping of face buttons and new visuals above pass receivers allow for more direct passing and the ability to pass anywhere at any time. One Touch Passing lets you quickly move the puck and capitalize on big opportunities.

Game Info

Release Dates

October 6, 2023

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