Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn(2024)

Shadow of the Ninja Reborn PS5 cover


This trailblazer in ninja action games is returning after 33 years. 

The original title was released on the Japanese Nintendo Family Computer by Natsume Inc. in 1990. At the time, it was one of the most polished Family Computer action games and rated as one of the best two-player coop games. It was also the first of a series of titles that solidified Natsume’s reputation as a master of action games. 

Released as SHADOW OF NINJA in North America and BLUE SHADOW in Europe, this classic is finally returning in a completely new production. 

In this thrilling action-adventure platformer, you will use your striking katana, as well as the acrobatic finesse of a ninja to face the advance of powerful enemies. Our fearless heroes, Hayate and Kaede have undergone a major visual upgrade from their original 8-bit models. From the deadly foes to the no-less deadly stages, every part of this title has been faithfully remade in stunning high-quality graphics.

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