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Stilt launches players into a vibrant VR platformer experience, bouncing with inspiration from classic favourites. Navigate through its colourful levels using quick reflexes and adept problem-solving skills while gathering lost gift packages and stamps. With the aid of your wit and stilts, bounce over chasms, sidestep traps, dismantle obstacles, and engage with creatures along the way. Discover hidden power-ups that add an extra spring to your step, allowing you to ascend to the pinnacle of stilt mastery.

Engage in diverse PvP arenas, each offering unique modes. ‘Smack-em-all!’ encourages skilful bounces to send opponents into the sea, while ‘Area Bash’ tests your agility within a shifting boundary. Navigate ‘Electric Tag’ carefully to avoid zaps and aim for balloon-popping success in ‘Balloon Hunt’. Between matches, explore the lively lobby area to meet fellow players and gear up for your next bouncy adventure.

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March 8, 2024

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VR Mode
PS VR2 Game