The Crimson Maid(2024)

Darkania Works, GrimTalin
The Crimson Maid PS5 cover


The Crimson Maid tells the tale of a young and innocent priest in training, Marius; estranged for a couple of years, The protagonist Marius rushes back to his childhood home to be close to his father as he draws near death.

The honourable Leon Rosenthal has come down with a strange illness and it is up to Marius, his oldest son, to unroot the cause of the celestial curse that has befallen his stalwart father. Your objective is to play as Marius as he returns to his childhood home to reconnect with his ailing father, stern mother, and overwhelmed younger brother. Much to your surprise, your household now employs an alluring young maid, Irina, who charms you from the first sight and diverts your focus. But your blossoming romance will soon be tested as a dreadful murder shakes the feeble balance of this noble family. A period drama that combines romance and murder mystery, with a dash of supernatural, now begins.

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