The Eternal Castle Remastered (2021)

The Eternal Castle Remastered PS5 cover

The Eternal Castle Remastered Overview

The Eternal Castle Remastered is a side-scrolling cinematic adventure reminiscent of genre masterpieces like The Prince of Persia and Another World developed by the 3-person team TFL Studios.

The Eternal Castle Remastered sends the player on a powerful journey packed with dangers and challenges through fast-paced melee action, calibrated ranged attacks, and/or cautious stealth approaches. Immerse yourself or speedrun through levels featuring random events, encounters, traps, riddles, and exploration, in a semi-procedural world designed for replayability. Each world features a unique atmosphere, written through different personal and second-hand experiences, re-applied to fit a post-A.I. fallout world set several hundred years in the future.

The Eternal Castle Remastered is due out on PS4 and PS5 on June 24th.

Game Info

June 24, 2021