Train Chase(2024)

Rhine Games
Train Chase PS5 cover


Train Chase is a low-poly VR shooter from German developer Rhine Games.

You escaped on a train, but the evil corporation is still chasing you. Defeat waves of enemies in a low-poly environment on a train with several different weapons. Train Chase is a Wave Shooter optimized for VR.

  • Stay on a train moving through a low-poly environment.
  • Shoot waves of enemies, ranging from drones to stationary guns to cars.
  • Reach Number #1 in the global or local high score.
  • Use several weapons, including a pistol, shotgun, mp4 or even a rocket launcher.
  • Dodge incoming bullets while the time is slowed down.

Game Info

Release Dates

February 16, 2024

Play Modes
VR Mode
PS VR2 Game