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VectorBall is a time-travelling, dimension-shifting, mind-bending roguelike game developed by NerveLab.

Guided by the enigmatic AI, Vector, you’ll delve into the fabric of existence, traversing ancient ruins and future realms. Every playthrough brings new challenges, insights, and hidden truths. Dare to redefine your reality?

Here is the description of the gameplay from the developer:

In each level, you load into a procedurally generated map with a computer hidden somewhere in it. You have to destroy enough crystals to charge the computer (and destroying parts of the level in the process). The computer then spits out a challenge task that you complete to go deeper into the simulation. The deeper you get, the more complex and bizarre the levels get. You collect currency to upgrade yourself in each run, but some of the ways to upgrade are very non standard. The AI may ask you if you want a speed upgrade, if you say yes he’ll say “Well let’s see how much speed you can handle”, then place you in a runner mini game kind of like the Battletoads speeder tunnel. “Vitruvian man” inspired upgrade slots.

All of this while the AI is talking about the virtues and history of those civilizations and philosophically connecting the teachings to the future.

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