Flea Madness(2021)

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Flea Madness PS5

Flea Madness is a fast-paced multiplayer brawler coming to PS5 in early 2021.

Join a team of alien fleas in this fast-paced game of maddening multiplayer melee mayhem! Choose your species, customize your abilities, and then hunt, eat, and squash your friends and frenemies in team play—or Flea for All, where there can Flea only one!

Dash your way to Victory.

Flea Madness features

  • Brawl with Friends. Gather friends or frenemies and battle for dominance in an alien landscape.
  • Become the Apex Predator. Start as a wee little flea and munch on bugs in the world to evolve your way up the food chain. You are what you eat, but like in real, life, not everything is good for you.
  • Work in Teams. Even the biggest baddest bug won’t have to dominate the landscape alone, coordinate with teammates to defend or to capture the Wormatcus.
  • Immersive Maps. While jumping for your life be sure to take in the detailed and diverse landscape. Just don’t stay still for too long your you might find yourself re-spawning.

Visit the Flea Madness website for more information on the game.

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