Destruction AllStars Will Have 29 Trophies Inlcuding A Platinum

Straightforward platinum?

Destruction AllStars will have 29 trophies including a platinum

Destruction AllStars has had its trophies revealed ahead of its outing on PS Plus tomorrow. The trophy list for the PS5 exclusive car-smashing multiplayer game has appeared over on PSN Profiles.

The games trophy list has 29 trophies in total, including a platinum trophy, 5 gold, 17 silver and 5 bronze. Destruction AllStars looks like it will be a fairly straightforward platinum trophy. But as it is primarily a multiplayer game, a bit of skill (that’s me shit out of luck then), luck and grinding will be involved to unlock the coveted platinum trophy.

As far as easy trophies go, there are four trophies associated with tutorials (Stars and Cars Collide,  Detonate to Dominate, The Last AllStar and Bankety Bank) which require you to complete and win their respective tutorials. There is also a trophy for wrecking an opponents hero vehicle in an online match. I’d imaging that one will come naturally at some point.

Destruction AllStars Trophies

The Trophy Grind Is Real

As with most multiplayer games, there are trophies in Destruction AllStars that will require a bit of grind. These trophies require you to do certain things a certain number of times.

There are four such trophies in Destruction AllStars. Ultimate Respect, which requires you to earn all star objectives in Ultimo Barricados’ Series, Mutual Respect. I am not too sure what this is exactly but you need to do it 21 times.

There is also Wrecking Ball, perform 100 wrecks in any mode. I would imagine this will come naturally if you play the game enough. There is also the AllStar trophy. This requires you to win 50 online matches. This will likely come naturally over time but the speed at which you earn it will depend on skill and possibly some luck.

Finally, there is the Checking Out The Competition trophy. This requires you to win at least one online match with each AllStar. And as there are 16 AllStars, you’ll need to do this 16 times.

Pretty much all of the other trophies for Destruction AllStars look like they will just require you to play the game and the various modes numerous times. There are definitely some trophies that will require some skill and perhaps a wee bit of luck. Make sure you check out the full Destruction AllStars trophy list over on PSN Profiles.

Destruction AllStars is set to release tomorrow, 2nd February. The game will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers for a period of two months. If you don’t have a PS5 yet but would like to add this game, or any other PS5 PS Plus game to your library. You should be able to do this via the PlayStation App or the PlayStation Store website.