The Heirloom From Babubi Games Gets Its First Gameplay Teaser

The Heirloom is expected to launch this October

The Heirloom screenshot

The Heirloom, a mysterious thriller adventure game from Babubi Games has gotten its first gameplay teaser trailer. The game is Bububi Games’ debut title and is inspired by the Scottish Hebrides and Scottish Folklore.

You can check out The Heirloom’s first gameplay teaser trailer below.

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We’ve talked about The Heirloom a few times before on PlayStation Fanatic after being drawn in by its cool-looking art style and the fact that it is inspired by Scottish folklore.

The Heirloom started on Kickstarter with the developers also using their savings to fund the project. With the game being inspired by Scotland, Alex Streltsov, Babubi Games co-founder and game director told PlayStation Fanatc “We hope that people can not only enjoy the thrilling gameplay but also get to know Scottish music and folklore as a whole.”

On the subject of Scottish music, Babubi Games recently announced that Scottish singer and composer Siobhan Wilson would be the game’s musical composer.

Babubi Games has now launched a Steam coming soon page for the game. The developer will also be bringing The Heirloom to PlayStation as well. The planned release for THe Heirloom will be in October this year, during Halloween.