New PS5, PSVR2 & PS4 Games This Week. April 15th to 19th 2024

New games coming to PlayStation this week.

New PS5, PSVR2 PS4 games this week

Quite a few great games are coming out this week and a couple of them are headed to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium on day one.

First up is RPG Dave The Diver, a game that wraps underwater exploration and restaurant tycoon gameplay into a nice little pixel art package. Dave the Diver has been nominated for several awards across This year’s BAFTAs, the Game Awards and the Golden Joysticks. Sounds like it could be a neat little casual game to play and even better it’s coming to PS Plus Extra/Premium on April 16th.

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Another cool-looking game to watch out for this week is Perish, a stylish 1 – 4 player First-Person-Shooter with a twist. Perish does indeed look like a stylish shooter, check out the trailer below and ogle at some lovely screenshots.

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Perish isn’t the only co-op FPS you should be keeping your eye on this week. Sker Ritual, which is out on April 18th ios another co-op shooter for up to four players that looks pretty decent.

In Sker Ritual, players battle waves of vicious horrors, alone or in up to four-player co-op, as they attempt to survive the onslaught of the Quiet Ones. Shoot through hordes of enemies, collect Celtic God powers, upgrade an arsenal of steampunk weapons and attempt to defeat the evil on Sker Island.

Check out the SKer Ritual trailer below.

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PSVR2 fans also have some games to look forward to this week including a horror shooter and a rogue-like Mech shooter. Apollo 13: The Lost Tapes VR is the aforementioned horror shooter where you play as a CIA agent who uncovers the true story of the Apollo 13 mission. It does look like Apollo 13 THe Lost Tapes VR is only out in North America for now though, as I can’t find it on the UK PlayStation Store.

Next up for PSVR2 is Big Shots, a rogue-lite mech shooter and the next VR sensation by AlterEyesXR. Jump into a mech suite and kill loads of aliens after an experiment gone awry unleashes an alien invasion. Big Shots looks pretty cool from the trailer and might be a very interesting PSVR2 mech shooter. You can become a Big Shot when this comes out on Thursday 18th of April.

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Take a look at thell the PS5, PSVR2 and PS4 games coming out this week below.

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