Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition(2023)

Guerrilla Games
Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition PS5 cover


Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition includes the base game, Burning Shores DLC and some other digital items.

Following the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, machine hunter Aloy races to save the planet’s crumbling biosphere before vicious storms and a mysterious, unstoppable blight ravages the remnants of humanity. Her mission and the sinister secrets it uncovers will pit Aloy against ever-deadlier foes, taking her to the dangerous frontier of the Forbidden West and the treacherous Burning Shores beyond.

In this complete collection with Horizon Forbidden West and Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC, take on more awe-inspiring machines, meet new tribes, and travel to the treacherous archipelago of Los Angeles!

Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition Review

Horizon Forbidden West is an amazing sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. It takes the strong foundation built by the first game and builds a massive structure of the awesome story, amazing gameplay and a much larger world to explore on top of it. Aloy is a PlayStation icon, a legend and this game should be played by everyone who owns a PS5 or PS4.
Horizon Forbidden West Review PS5 - screenshot of Aloy
Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores is a cracking DLC for the price. At £16 it adds more story, more weapons, more skills and a love interest for Aloy. It's a fantastic addendum to Horizon Forbidden West which gives us more of the great stuff that we love about Horizon.
Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores screenshot. Aloy and Seyka

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