Horizon Forbidden West Is Getting A Complete Edition It Seems

Will contain the main game and Burning Shores DLC, supposedly releases this year

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores screenshot - Aloy and Seyka

One of the best games on PS5 is getting a Complete Edition according to the Singapore Media Ratings website. Horizon Forbidden West originally launched in February last year with its first and only DLC, Burning Shores, launching in April this year.

The Singapore Media Ratings site says that Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition contains the original adventure game and the Burning Shores expansion.

“Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition” is a compilation containing the original adventure game “Horizon Forbidden West” (Advisory 16) and “Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores” expansion. Set on post-apocalyptic Earth, the protagonist, Aloy, travels to the west to discover the source of a mysterious signal and to find a way to restore Earth.

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In Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy travels to the west to fight new enemies, and new machines and to try and stop a plague threatening the very existence of humanity. Burning Shores sees Aloy travel to what was once Los Angeles to take on and stop Far Zenith member and all-around nutjob Walter Londra. In Burning Shores Aloy teams up with Seyka, a member of the Quen tribe.

Horizon Forbidden West gets an M18 Rating in Asia

The Singaporean Media Classification site has given Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition a rating of M18, which is a mature rating. The M18 rating is apparently due to “sexual references” within the game. The original game in the Asia region was rated as Advisory 16 according to the rating site.

The site points out that some scenes in the game contain references to same-sex relationships.

Some of the story scenes contain references to same sex relationships, where various characters mention their partners during conversations with the protagonist. The player may encounter a scene where two women affirm their romantic feelings for each other before embracing and kissing. The M18 Classification Guidelines permit “depictions of same-sex kissing and hugging.”

The relationship between Aloy and Seyka caused some controversy at the time (why?) and Metacritic had to strengthen its moderation after abusive and disrespectful user reviews of Burning Shores.

screenshot of the Horizon Forbidden West ratings info from the SIngapore Media classification website

PlayStation hasn’t officially announced The Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition yet. However, the media classifications page does list the release as 2023.

Fans of Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Series may have to make do with this Complete Edition before we see anything new from Aloy. We know that Horizon 3 is most certainly in development and that Guerrilla is also working on an online Horizon game. But both are probably a long way off from being released.

Source: imdaonline.imda.gov.sg via Redit