Here’s What PS5 Game Boxes Will Look Like

A new game box design for the new generation

PS5 game boxart

If you are going to be buying a PlayStation 5 disc drive edition, and plan on buying a few games at launch, Sony has just revealed what the PS5 game boxes will look like when they sit proudly on your bookcase.

The images above are what the PS5 game boxes will look like when you go to your favourite games retailer to buy them this holiday season.

Sony has opted to keep the blue Blu-Ray case for the PS5 game boxes.

The main banner of the PS5 game box art is a flat white background with a black PS5 logo. No more gradient colours like the PS4 game boxes. A blue line separates the main banner/logo of the game box with the main game cover art.

The spine of the PS5 game box also features the PS5 logo in black, with a flat white background.

Overall I would say the design is pretty nice and clean looking. The White banner with black PS5 logo should help the game boxes stand out.

The only downside to this PS5 game box design is that I will have to update all the PS5 covers I made for the games database. Damn it!

What do you think of the PS5 game box design? Does it look OK? Should it have been a bit fancier? Leave your comments below.