My Top 5 Games From The PlayStation Showcase

5 Games from the PlayStation Showcase that I am most looking forward to

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Wednesdays’s PlayStation Showcase, although lacking in first-party reveals was still pretty good. It showed a good mix of AAA, indie and PS VR2 titles that are coming soon.

Although the highlight of the show was most certainly Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s gameplay reveal the showcase did surprise and delight with a few other games that I now have on my radar.

Here are my top five games from the PlayStation Showcase that I am looking forward to.

1. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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What is there to say about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Insomniac took superhero video games to the next level with Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. Then Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales shined as one of the PS5’s launch games. Next up is Spider-Man 2, where we will play as both Peter Parker’s Spider-Man and Miles Morales’ Spider-Man.

The gameplay trailer shows that we are in for another absolute beauty of a game with more web-swinging and beat ’em up combat that is fast-paced and exciting. Spider-man 2 will undoubtedly be the hit of the year on PS5. There’s no specific release date for the game yet but it is still planned for Autumn this year.

2. Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater

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Metal Gear Solid is one of those game series that I just never managed to get into, but really wish I had. I did play the first Metal Gear Solid way back on PS1 but I can’t remember if I really liked it or not. Since then, I have never really tried another Metal Gear Solid game. But with the announcement of a Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake (which is apparently one of the best in the series) maybe now it’s time for me to give the Metal Gear Solid games a shot. Also announced at the PlayStation Showcase was the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol.1. The collection includes five games including the very first Metal Gear game, Metal Gear 2 and Metal Gear Solid 1 – 3.

3. Dragon’s Dogma 2

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Dragon’s Dogma is another series that I was never really bothered about before. I think I did contemplate buying Dark Arisen on PS4 but never bothered in case I didn’t like it. But having since played the likes of Assassin’s Creed Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla, big, open-world action RPGs are definitely something I like.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a single-player, narrative-driven fantasy action RPG that looks and sounds like it will be right up my alley. No release date for it yet though but hopefully it won’t be too long before it releases on PS5.

4. The Talos Principle 2

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I remember being absolutely hooked on The Talos Principle on PS4. The game included light beams or laser beams that you had to position to unlock new paths and solve puzzles. Normally I don;t enjoy difficult games, especially difficult puzzle games but there was just something about The Talos Principle that had me hooked.

Developer Croteam says that The Talos Principle 2 will include the same light beam mechanics but there will also be other puzzle mechanics involving gravity manipulation. The game also promises an even deeper story and even more mind-bending puzzles than the first game. The Talos Principle 2 comes out later this year on PS5.

5. Resident Evil 4 VR Mode

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Resident Evil Village VR Mode is absolutely incredible on PS VR2 and the short teaser trailer for RE4’s VR Mode looks even better. Thankfully, I haven’t played the flat version of the game yet so I will just wait for the VR mode to drop before buying the game. As one Reddit user points out, this could be the greatest VR release of all time.