Filthy Rich? You’ll Soon be Able to Buy a 24 Karat Gold PS5

Add some extra bling to your games room

UK luxury goods retailer sellling gold PS5 at £8000 a piece

As most countries plunge into recession and people struggle to make ends meet due to Coronavirus, it seems the super-rich folks still need their flashy, expensive items so they can pretend they are better than the rest of us. Now the rich people can add another expensive item to their shopping list – a 24 karat Gold PS5.

A UK company called Truly Exquisite is touting a luxury 24K Gold PS5 console which only the economically affluent will be able to afford.

The company, which makes and sells luxury items like gold iPhones, is asking people to register their interest in the blinged-up PS5.

Gold PS5 console
Gold PS5 console. Image:

According to the companies website, this flashy PS5 for the rich only will be available in 24K Gold, Platinum and 18K Rose Gold finishes.

The company also states that they will have information on pre-orders and distribution soon.

Given that Gold is a pretty heavy metal, and if you take into consideration the size and weight of the PS5, then you can expect the Gold version of the console to be pretty hefty in weight.

A Gold PS5 for people with more money than sense

You might be wondering how much this custom PS5 will cost. There’s no indication of price on the Truly Exquisite website yet. However, with the PS5 being fairly large and with the DualSense controller and headset also getting the bling treatment. You can expect this PlayStation 5 collection to go for a considerable amount of dough. Probably a good few grand at least. For comparison, the company seels a 24K Gold iPhone X for just under £3000.00.

Needless to say, this very expensive PS5’s will be made in very limited numbers. And with the company having no affiliation to Sony, nor are they an authorised re-seller, they will be buying up PS5 consoles at launch. Meaning there will be less for the rest of us.

So, if you have more money than sense and fancy adding some extra bling to your games room. You’ll be able to buy this extravagant PS5 pretty soon.