Stellar Blade Director Says Eve Should Be Wearing Clothes “As Much As Possible”

Putting Eve in the Skin Suit will make the game much harder

Stellar Blade - Eve

When the Stellar Blade PS5 Demo went live on the PlayStation Store, it was revealed that you could put Eve in a near-naked-looking Skin Suit. However, the game’s director has said that players should have eve wearing clothes “as much as possible.”

In a new interview with Japanese games outlet Famitsu (via Games Radar), Stellar Blade Director Hyung-Tae Kim recommends that players have Eve wearing clothes “The gameplay difficulty will increase dramatically, so I recommend that you wear clothes as much as possible,” Kim said.

Stellar Blade screenshot. Eve in the Skin Suit

Yes, it turns out that putting Eve in the raunchy Skin Suit will make the game harder. This is because the suit disables Eve’s shield. The in-game description for the suit reads as follows:

Skin suits are outfits specially crafted by Mother Sphere. It covers the body of the Airborne Squad Member and deploys on its own, or expands or contracts depending on the situation. IN other words, its like a living skin. (Shield is disabled when you put on this Skin Suit.)

In the Famitsu interview, the Stellar Blade game director explained that the suit is merely composed of a skin-like fabric that spreads tight across Eve’s body.

In other Stellar Blade news, developer SHIFT UP! has said that they are preparing other costumes for release after launch. In another interview, director Hyung-Tae Kim said that “the release of DLC has not been determined” but that free updates including additional costumes are being prepared.

Kim also reiterated that Stellar Blade will not have any “additional expenses” (Micro Transactions) but the exception to this would be if they did a costume collaboration with another IP.

Stellar Blade is out on April 26th for PS5. If you want to give the game a go before you buy, a PD5 demo is currently available on the PlayStation Store.