New PS5 & PS4 Games Coming This Week, April 1st to 5th 2024

Not a lot of games coming out this week but a couple of games look interesting

Turbo Golf Racing and Withering Rooms cover art

This coming week is a bit light on the new game front for some reason. But there are still a few interesting games coming out nonetheless.

One interesting game coming this week is Turbo Golf Racing.

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Turbo Golf Racing is an action-packed fusion of golf and racing where players traverse different courses with their cars to skillfully putt the ball. Think of it as Rocket League with Golf. Turbo Golf Racing is out for PS5 on Thursday, April 4th.

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Another game to watch for this week is Withering Rooms. A 2.5D horror RPG from developer Moonless Formless and publisher Perp Games. The game is set in a procedurally generated Victorian Mansion that changes each night. Withering Rooms is out on PS5 on Friday, April 5th.

Unfortunately, no PSVR2 games are coming out this week. But that’s OK as I have a massive backlog.

Check out the handful of games coming out this week below.

PS5 and PS4 games coming out this week

Tuesday 2nd April

Wednesday 3rd April

Thursday 4th April

Friday 5th April