Teardown PS5: Classic Cars Mission Guide

In this heist mission you need to steal 2 classic cars. There’s also 2 optional targets to steal

Teardown PS5 screenshot

Teardown launched on PS5 two days ago, it is free on PlayStation Plus. If you haven’t tried it yet, it is a fun game where you can destroy almost everything. It is also a heist game where you have to steal things and complete the heist before the timer runs out.

Later missions in the game really get into the heist aspect of Teardown. These missions are really enjoyable and require a bit of strategy and planning to complete successfully.

I’ll show you how to complete the Teardown Classic Cars heist mission in this guide. In this mission, you need to steel two cars. There are also two optional targets, spare parts and vehicle registration documents you can steal as well, I’ll show you how to get them too.

There is a video guide below if you prefer or read on for the text guide.

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Teardown Classic Cars Heist

You can save your progress at any time during the mission by going to the main menu(options button) and selecting Quicksave. It is recommended to quicksave regularly so if something goes wrong, you don’t need to start all over again. I have included good points to save, but you can save at any time.


When you spawn into the mission you will spawn in front of your escape truck. Look right and you will see a gate that leads into a yard. We need a vehicle to enter this gate, so head left and over the bridge, until you see a white van.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - white van

Get in the van and drive it through the gate into the yard. It doesn’t matter if you destroy the gate like I did.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - dribing the white van through the gate to the next building

On your left, drive through another gate that leads to a small yard with a large building. Drive through the front doors of the building and then through the back doors. Get out of the van and go onto the large boat sitting at the dock.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - large boat that has a classic car on board

Drive the boat and reverse it up against the bridge you walked across earlier. As shown in the map screenshot below.

Quicksave here.

Exit the boat and go back to the yard you were just in. Jump in the yellow forklift truck that is sitting near the entrance to the yard. Drive the forklift truck straight ahead and through another gate. Turn left and keep going straight, you’ll go through another gate until you reach another building.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - yellow forklift truck

Park the forklift over to the right of the building, making sure to not block the road/path back to the main entrance.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - yellow forklift parked next to building

Exit the forklift and take a minute or two to clear other items out of the way so the road is fairly clear. Clear the yellow barrels and any wooden boxes. There is also another yellow forklift sitting that you should move away from the road.

Go round to the left of the building and open the double doors. Make sure the double doors are open fully. Here you will see a flatbed truck with the classic car on it. We are going to drive this truck back to our escape truck. But not just yet.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - double doors leading to a flatbed truck containing the other classic car

First, we need to do a bit more preparation. Turn round and look up to see a window facing the water. In this room is where an optional target is.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - window facing the water. The optional target is inside this room

You will also see an upside-down boat sitting near the edge, destroy this boat. This will give you a clear run towards the water which we will need later.

Now go inside the building where the flatbed truck is but do not enter the truck yet. In front of the truck is a set of stairs, go up the stairs then enter the second door on the left. You can break the door with your Sledge if you want. When you enter this room you will see one of the optional targets.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - optional target

Do not pick it the target yet. Across the room from the optional target, you will see the window looking out towards the water. Destroy the window and surrounding wall to give you a nice, clear exit out of this newly formed hole.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - driving the flatbed truck with the classic car back to the main entrance where the escape truck is

Now, go back downstairs and enter the flatbed truck. Make sure to enter the actual truck and not the car that is on the truck. Drive the truck all the way to the entrance of the yard where the escape truck is. Carefully park the truck close to the circle marker with the dashed line. Just make sure not to drive onto the marker or it will trigger the heist.

Quicksave here.

Now walk back over the bridge (or get a vehicle) and head to the end of the road where you will see a house on the right. Look over to the left to see a car.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - car

Get in the car and park it close to the front of the house.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - car parked in front of the hosue

Enter the house via the front door and head to the back of the house where you will see another door.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - back door of the house

Break this door down to clear a path. you will see the door looks onto the water and a small pier. At the pier there are two boats, notice the orange-coloured speedboat. We’ll be getting into this in a bit.

Now, head up the stairs and go left then break down the door on the left and enter this office. Here you will see the second optional target hooked up to an alarm.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - second optinal target inside the house

Don’t pick it up yet though. Turn around and break down the wall opposite the target. (the wall at the stairs)

Now walk straight ahead and break down another door that leads into another office/room. Make sure you break down enough of the door and wall to give you a clear path. In this room smash the table and the window and wall that looks towards the front of the house. When you destroy this window and wall you will see the car parked out front.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - wall toredown so you can see the car parked at the front of the house

Now, go to the rear of the house to where the small pier is. Hop in the orange-coloured speedboat and drive it to the other side of the water. This takes you to the other building with the other optional target.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - getting in the orange speedboat

Reverse the boat up to the jetty opposite the window you destroyed earlier. The idea is that once you pick up the target in the building you can just get a straight run from the target right to the speedboat.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - orange speedboat parked, facing the correct way

Once you have successfully parked your boat (make sure it is facing in the direction of the house across the water) exit the boat and enter the building where we got the truck.

Head up the stairs to where the optional target is. Before grabbing the optional target, go into the menu and quicksave, so if you don’t make it in time you don’t have to start all over again.

The Heist Begins

Grab the optional target in this room and the 60-second heist timer will start counting down. Run to the speedboat and enter it.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - orange speedboat

Drive across the water to the house. Park the boat at the right side of the pier and exit the boat.

Teardown classic cars mission screenshot - orange speedboat parked at house

Go into the house through the back door you destroyed earlier and go upstairs. Grab the next optional target from the office, turn around head out to the front of the house through the previously destroyed windows and walls and drop down to where the car is parked.

Enter the car and drive it to the bridge where you parked the large boat earlier. Exit the car and then get into the classic car that is on the large boat.

Drive this car onto the circle marker next to your escape truck. Then enter the flatbed truck and reverse it onto the circle marker. Be careful not to enter the actual car but enter the flatbed truck. Once you reverse the flatbed into the circle marker, quickly enter your escape truck and the mission will be complete.