Alan Wake 2 Release Date Shifts to October 27th

Awaited sequel pushed back by 10 days

Alan Wake 2 screenshot

If you are a fan of the Alan Wake game, which saw a remastered version on PS5 you’ll have to way a wee bit longer to get your hands on the sequel.

The long-awaited sequel to Alan Wake from Remedy Entertainment has had it’s release date pushed back ever so slightly.

The original release date for Aan Wake 2 was October 17th but this has now shifted to October 27th. With developer Remedy Entertainment pushing it back so players “have more space for everyone to enjoy their favourite games.”

October is indeed a packed month for new game launches. On PlayStation alone there is Disagea 7, Lord of the Fallen, NHL 24, Assassin’s Creed Mirage and of course Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on October 20th. And that’s only some of the bigger-name games.