Baby Steps Looks Like It Will Be A Laugh A Minute Walking Sim

baby Steps steps onto PS5 in Summer 2024

Baby Steps screenshot

Baby Steps, a physics-based walking simulator game by developers Gabe Cuzzillo, Maxi Boch and Bennett Foddy and published by Devovler Digital was shown at last night’s State of Play. The trailer lasted about 2 minutes and 38 seconds and had me laughing out loud on a few occasions. Maybe it was the slapstick humour of the character falling flat on his face or just the really absurd and odd-looking way he walked.

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But it was the interaction between the main character and another character (seen from 1:32 in the trailer) that had me in stitches. After successfully climbing up a slope another character appears to tell our hapless walker that he can grapple to things with a grappling hook. “Oh, yeah. I’ll just grapple that fucker with my grappling hook.” “No worries, grapple that fucker.”

That interaction between the two characters was just really funny I thought. And if the rest of the game is that funny it going to be a laugh-a-minute.

One step at a time

In Baby Steps you play as Nate, an unemployed failson with nothing going for him, until one day he discovers a power he never knew he had… putting one foot in front of the other. The game invites players to explore a world shrouded in mist, on an uncharted journey where the biggest challenge is staying on your feet.

Writing in the PlayStation Blog, Maxi Boch one of the game’s developers says that “Baby Steps tells Nate’s story through a playful and light-hearted approach to narrative, utilizing an improvisation-oriented approach to the voiceover in cutscenes and dialogue.”

I definitely can’t wait to see more from this game and it looks like it could be a refreshing and hilarious way to spend a few hours. Away from the seriousness and darker tones that other games can throw at you.

Baby Steps is planned for release in Summer 2024 for PS5 and PC.