Can’t Connect to Helldivers 2 RIght Now? You’re Not Alone

Failed to connect to server

Helldivers 2 artwork

Helldivers 2 servers seem to be down for a lot of players, I tried to log in about 30 minutes ago and was met by a failed to connect to server message. Hopping onto Discord, it appears that developer Arrowhead had decided to do some maintenance to fix server-related issues and end-of-mission rewards.

Hey folks!
Hope you’re all doing well out there in the Helldivers universe. We have another update regarding our server related issues. The current biggest issues are the game not dishing out rewards properly at the end of missions accompanied with the reoccurring login failures. This is very important for us to fix as soon as possible and as such, we’ve decided to perform server maintenance in about 2 hours (7pm CET / 10am PST / 3am JST). As always when making changes in a live environment, we need to address this with caution and monitor the situation closely.

Your dedicated, humble and appreciative Arrowhead team will be on standby to take action immediately if we see negative effects on the player experience. Note that during this maintenance we expect there to be larger disruptions to the servers for a limited period of time.

Thanks for your patience, and let’s get our Helldivers back in action! <:hellpod:1102978896745467935>🎮

This message was posted to Discord about 6 hours ago. 35 minutes ago, another post was made that seemed to allude to the servers being up and running again.

Connecting to the servers should be much smoother now, and we are seeing players getting into the game again. Thanks for your patience!

Helldivers 2 failed to connect to server error message on PS5

However, it seems that many players still cannot connect to Helldivers 2 at this time. The issue seems to exist across both PS5 and PC.

it’s a new game I PAID FOR. It’s a new LIVE SERVICE GAME where the promise is that it’ll ALWAYS BE ONLINE AND ALWAYS PLAYABLE. What in the actual hell is so hard to understand that devs are 100% at fault and customers have the right to be mad?

Lunatic Hai on Discord

The official Helldivers 2 Discord is currently blowing up with players saying they cannot connect to the game. Many are wondering why Arrowhead would announce that the servers are up and running and “Connecting to the servers should be much smoother now” when this is not the case.

Some players think that Arrowhead has done a timed rollout of the server fixes, meaning some players will be able to log in but others won’t. Other players think that the servers are just overloaded with so many players trying to log in at the same time.

No official word from Arrowhead on this latest server outage, but hopefully the servers will be back soon.