Destruction Allstars Looks Amazing in 4 New Screenshots

Wrecking good screenshots

Destruction AllStars Delayed to February 2021, will be free on PS Plus for 2 months

Lucid Games, the developers behind the PS5 exclusive Destruction Allstars, has released 4 brand new screenshots from their upcoming vehicular combat game.

Posted to the Lucid Games Twitter account, the screenshots look absolutely amazing.

The screenshots show cars crumpling after some high-speed impacts and one shows a very unlucky driver being thrown from their vehicle after a nasty crash.

Check out the awesome new screenshots below.

Destruction Allstars was announced at the PS5 reveal event back in June. There’s no word on a release date for the Destruction Derby-Esque game yet, but judging by the screenshots, it will be one wild game.

Lucid Games, the independent developer behind the PS5 exclusive car combat game, are famous for their high-quality games. They’ve worked on Need for Speed Payback and developed the free-to-play MOBA-inspired car combat game Switchblade for PS4.

With this kind of experience, you can be sure that Destruction Allstars will become a PS5 fan favourite.

Check out more info on Destruction Allstars on the game page. You can also view more screenshots on the screenshots page.