Drums Rock is Another Addition to the Ever Expanding PS VR2 Launch Lineup

Banging the drum for PS VR2

Drums Rock scresnhot

The PS VR2 launch lineup just seems to keep growing at an insane rate. We’ve already had PlayStation’s official launch lineup list that includes over 30 games. Then in the last few days, we have also had Townsmen VR and Zombieland: Headshot Fever announced as PS VR2 launch titles. The latest game to be added to PS VR2’s expanding list of launch games is Drums Rock.

Drums Rock was spotted as a PlayStation VR2 launch game by an eagle-eyed Reddit user over on the r/PSVR subreddit. The user provided a link to the PlayStation Store which does indeed show the game as coming on February 22nd.

Drums Rock listing on PS Store showing release date

Drums Rock is a Music and Rhythm game where you play the drums to defeat demons. here’s the official game blurb.

Drums Rock is an arcade drum game for VR, follow the rock rhythm with your drums and crush the demons. Each note is represented by an enemy, and they will be defeated by playing the drums. Experience a unique campaign: with different levels, challenges, songs and worlds. Drums Rock is an ideal game to feel like a rock star, while smashing hordes of demons to the rhythm of rock!

You can find out more about Drums Rock and view the soundtrack list on the game’s official website.

Drums Rock is developed by Garage 51 and it looks like it will be coming to PS VR2 on February 22nd.

To get a taste for what Drums Rock is all about, check out the Steam trailer below.

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