Finally, PlayStation Store Get’s Proper Search Functionality

You can now search the PS Store using an on-screen keyboard. Hooray!

PlayStation Store on the PS4 has finally gotten a proper search function. With this new search functionality, you can now type in a search using an onscreen keyboard rather than moving through a list of single letters to try and spell out the name of the game you are looking for.

The new search feature, which has been praised by PS4 owners, was initially rolled out as part of the firmware 6.0 beta, but it seems Sony is now rolling it out to some non-beta testers. Thank God.

The old style single-letter search was certainly a point of contention amongst the PS4 community, with some wondering how the idea even managed to make it into the PlayStation Store in the first place.

Searching the PlayStation store should be a lot easier and quicker now that Sony has implemented a normal, keyboard-based search functionality.